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Become a Homeowner

Application Instructions:

1.  Complete Application    
If you would like to apply for our program, please fill out the information form below to have an Application Part 1 mailed to you.  You can also download the Application Part 1 here by scrolling down and clicking on the link below and mail to:

Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk
643 Middle Country Road
Middle Island NY 11953
Fax# 631-924-6474

2.  Mail us all supplementary required items listed below to Habitat Suffolk Attn. Family Services

Fill out this form to receive application information:

First Name  
Last Name  
Phone Number  
Address Line 1  
Address Line 2  
Apt #  
I understand that payment for Application Part I is $15 or $25 for two applicants. I will be making payment via:   Money Order
Online Payment
How did you hear about us?  

Supplementary Required Items:

  • Payment:
    If you are printing the PDF and mailing in your application, please send a money order payable to Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk. One applicant requires a $15 money order and two applicants requires a $25 money order. We only accept money orders, no personal checks. If you are filling out the online Application Part I, you will be prompted to make an online payment and will not have to send in a money order payment.
  • Social Security Number of Applicant and Co-applicant (if there is a co-applicant):
    We need the applicant's and co-applicant's (if applicable) SSN to run a credit report and background check for Application Part I. Application Part I is not complete without this.
  • Latest Paystub:
    Please send in your most recent paystub from any and all jobs held by the applicant and co-applicant. Any income that is "off the books" cannot be counted towards your annual income.
  • Second Job Information:
    If you are printing the PDF below and mailing or faxing it in, please attach a sheet with all necessary information for your second job.
  • Supplementary Income Statements:
    Please send in statements of any and all supplementary income you receive on a consistent basis , for example: social security, child support and disability.

Important Information:

Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk's application is divided into two sections: Part I and Part II.

Part I
- download, print and mail or fax back to our office or apply online. Please remember we will review Application Part I when we have received all supplementary required items.

Part II
- will be mailed or emailed to those who qualify. Please keep in mind, Family Services may require Part II to be submitted by a certain date, due to scheduled family selection meeting dates. 

Friday, January 18, 2019