Silberman Appointed Habitat Suffolk's Executive Director

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We are delighted to announce the appointment of Lee Silberman as Habitat Suffolk's Executive Director! In the past few months, the Executive Committee worked to frame a leadership transition following Tracey Edwards' appointment to the Public Service Commission. Habitat Suffolk appreciates her leadership this past year, and we look forward to building on all of the good things we started together under this new leadership.

A 40-year resident of Long Island, Silberman is a longtime supporter of Habitat Suffolk. He first volunteered in the mid-1990s on a worksite in Bay Shore and joined the Board of Directors in the late 1990s. His board service culminated with serving as chairman of the board from 2012 through June 30, 2018. His accomplishments include securing more than $1 million in funds for Habitat Suffolk, and he was named the 2017 Stephen A. Antaki Memorial Construction Partner of the Year in recognition of his years of services.

"After spending my career in the corporate world," Silberman said, "I am looking forward to finishing my career by giving back and making a positive impact on Suffolk County."