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A Letter from the Executive Director

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Imagine serving in the armed forces only to come home disabled, jobless and homeless… that’s Kimberly’s story.  

She soon found herself living once again at her parent’s home.  While her elderly parents were helping her to take care of her small child, Kimberly’s mom was battling cancer and her dad was suffering with several ailments.  A few years passed and the day after Kimberly and her family buried her dad in April of 2012, a fellow veteran working with Habitat Suffolk came to her workplace.  He presented an affordable housing program to her and she began the application process with Habitat Suffolk.  Kimberly was notified a few months later that she was accepted to partner with Habitat Suffolk!   
Affording a home for her and her daughter had been out of the question for Kimberly.  Her excitement upon learning that she was accepted into the program and that she would own the first of four new Habitat Suffolk Homes to be built in Mastic Beach was energizing!  

Like all Habitat Suffolk homeowners, Kimberly is helping to build her home and other Habitat homes with 300 hours of “Sweat Equity.”  When it is completed, she will purchase her home from Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk with a no profit mortgage.  She will become a new homeowner and a neighbor to new friends in the Mastic Beach community, on property that had been abandoned.

We have a full slate of new homes scheduled to be built in the coming year from Wyandanch all the way to Orient.  Funds are needed to give qualified families like Kimberly’s the life changing opportunity to own a home.  Now, more than ever, we are counting on your partnership to help provide safe, affordable homes for those in need.  Please consider making a donation today and join us in making decent, affordable home ownership a matter of conscience and action.


From all of us at Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year.
Wednesday, August 12, 2020